Innovation to improve life people suffering anxiety during treament

An Innovative Approach to Managing the Patient Experience

Technology has finally caught up with over 20 years of hypothesis, research and validation. Epionia's turnkey solution takes patients to a different world while practitioners treat them in this one.

Manage your anxiety by using our new immersive approach

Pain & Anxiety Management

Studies show pain and anxiety are lowered through VR therapy.


Virtual reality is a safe approach for healthcare professionals

Non-Invasive & Safe

Drug-free, easy-to-operate, suitable for all ages & mobilities.

Immersive experience to reduce pain and anxiety

Immersive Experiences

Meditations, visualizations, virtual explorations, constructive gaming.

Virtual reality reduces anxiety for patients

Benefits for patients

  • Shift focus away (i.e. distract) from their fear and pain
  • Embolden their personal power over healing and pain management
  • Strengthen their resolve and belief around the effectiveness of the treatments
  • "Escape" the clinical reality for a more enjoyable virtual reality
  • Provide entertainment during wait periods and lengthy treatments
Virtual reality benefits for healthcare professionals

Benefits for practitioners

  • Improves patient outcomes
  • Reduces patient anxiety/pain, making delivery of healthcare easier and less stressful
  • Enhances the patient experience
  • A drug-free alternative for pain & anxiety management
    • fewer side effects
    • less sedation
    • faster recovery
    • reduces addiction
    • reduces re-admittance rates

What patients and medical professionals are saying about virtual reality pain therapy....

Testomonial Epionia VR therapy solution
“I could tell they were doing something but I couldn't care less.”
Testomonial Epionia VR therapy solution
“VR has consistently reduced pre-operative anxiety to a point where patients almost forget they are having a procedure.”




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